Regulatory framework


In this section, you can consult the texts regarding the UOC's internship regulations:

Once the internship agreement has been signed, the student will be covered by two policies: an accidents policy and a public liability policy.

Consequently, the parties must have signed the agreement before the student starts the internship. Otherwise, the student will not be covered by either of the insurance policies.

Depending on the type of collaboration (number of students, duration of the relationship, etc), two different types of cooperative education agreement can be signed:

  • Specific agreement: this is the most common agreement for formalizing one-off internships at an external company. It is signed by the student, the internship centre and the UOC. It covers the specific internship period that has been established.
  • Framework agreement: if the collaboration is long-term, a framework agreement is signed between the company and the University. Once this document has been signed, the next internships will be formalized by means of an accession protocol that would only need to be signed by the student.