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Curricular internships
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  Curricular internships Non-curricular internships
Commencement of internship

Can only be started once the semester in which the enrolled student can carry out the internship has started.

Students can start the non-curricular internship as soon as they are enrolled, even if the semester has not yet started. Students who have just been admitted or who are not studying any other course when they apply for an internship have to wait until teaching starts before they can start on the internship.

Duration of the internship The duration of the curricular internship is determined by the course's study load within the programme of studies. Have a maximum duration of 750 hours per academic year, except for the internships related with the postgraduate courses, which have a maximum duration of 375 hous, and the internships for the specialization courses, which have a maximum duration of 187.5 hours. UOC-certified master's degree internships have a total maximum duration of 750 hours.
Agreement A single agreement is signed for all the hours that the student must work. If necessary, the curricular internship hours can be increased by means of a non-curricular internship agreement, with a starting date after termination of the curricular internship agreement. A maximum of two agreements can be carried out at the same company or institution, with a maximum duration of 750 hours each (see the specifications in the previous point). If a second agreement is signed, there must be a one-month gap between the two agreements. In the second agreement, the tasks to be performed by the student should be updated.
  • Regardless of whether the internship you would like to offer is curricular or non-curricular, the student must meet the following requirements.
  • Any agreement is cancelled automatically as soon as the student ceases to be enrolled. Furthermore, the student must be enrolled during the entire internship period.
Terms of the internship
  • The working hours must be compatible with the e-learning course's academic activity, with a maximum duration of 8 hours a day (the University recommends that it not exceed 6 hours a day).
  • The UOC does not make any requirement as regards the remuneration that the student may receive during the internship, although we recommend that something be paid to the student as a grant or study support. If the student receives some type of remuneration, the internship centre must register the student with Social Security. 


Fields of study

The internships that the UOC's students may take at your institution fall within the following fields of study.

  • · Arts and Humanities
  • · Health Sciences
  • · Information and Communication Sciences
  • · Law and Political Science
  • · Economics and Business
  • · Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications
  • · Psychology and Education Sciences

See the full range of courses offered by the UOC.

Benefits for companies and institutions

Internship tutors can take advantage of discounts to study courses at the UOC:

  • 10% off enrolment fees for bachelor's and university master's degrees. You can get a discount of up to 18% if you enrol during the early enrolment period and have never before enrolled on a similar programme.
  • 10% off UOC-specific programmes (postgraduate programmes, specializations and language courses). You can get a discount of up to 30% if you enrol during the early enrolment period.

To take advantage of these offers, once tutoring for the internship is over, enrol via the UOC website and use the promotional code sent by Internship and Mobility Services.

Other services included:

  • Invoices made out to companies
  • Group enrolment
  • Certificate of tutoring


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If you have any queries or need more information about something, contact the UOC and the Internship and Mobility Services team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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