Curricular internships


Depending on the programme, the internship course may be compulsory or optional, within the programme of studies.

Duration of the internship

The curricular internship's duration depends on the number of course credits. It is possible to roughly calculate the total number of hours required by the course by saying that 1 ECTS credit is equivalent to 25 hours of work. These hours can be distributed in different ways, depending on the programme, between work time at the centre and academic work time.

You can find detailed information in each programme's information file.

There exists the possibility of extending the hours defined in the course by means of a second non-curricular internship agreement.

Internship type
Profession-focused internships

Profession-focused internships are internships associated with an external internship centre. These internships may be:

  • · "on-site", that is, they require the student's physical presence at the centre during the entire internship
  • · "virtual", being performed remotely in a teleworking format
  • · blended, which is a combination of the previous options.
The UOC acts as an internship centre

In the case of internships where the UOC acts as an internship centre, they may be:

  • · on-site if they are carried out within one of the University's departments
  • · carried out in a virtual learning environment provided by the UOC.

The internship type in each programme is explained in each course's course plan.

Requirements for performing the internship

Before they can enrol on the internship course, students must meet the requirements established in the programme of studies. In addition, if necessary, they must have the signed cooperative education agreement at the time of starting the internship.

The specific procedures for each programme and the application dates are described in Virtual Campus Procedures / Curricular internships.

How do students apply for the internship?

As a general rule, students must apply for the internship during the semester before performing the internship.

The steps that they must take are the following:

It is essential to follow the established procedure, keeping within the deadlines given, in order to process the internship application.

The calendar and each faculty's specific procedure can be found on the Virtual Campus at Procedures / Curricular internship application.

Information for internship centres