The mission of this Chair is to increase knowledge in the field of conflict resolution, mediation and digital transformation and to share existing and future resources held by the UOC and the Government of Catalonia's Mediation Centre of Catalonia, helping them fulfil their duties in matters of conflict resolution and management.

The aim of the Mediation Centre of Catalonia, which is attached to the Directorate-General for Law, Legal Entities and Mediation, is to promote, manage and facilitate access to mediation. The performance of its role has given it direct practical knowledge about obstacles, challenges and opportunities in conflict resolution and mediation, an area in which more research and innovation is needed.

The aim of the Chair, which is attached to the UOC's Faculty of Law and Political Science, is to carry out research, innovate and transfer knowledge in the fields of conflictology, conflict management, mediation, security, community life and citizenship.