Research and Innovation Committee

The Research and Transfer Committee provides support and advice to the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research. It is responsible for establishing the strategies and actions deriving from the UOC’s research and innovation policy. 

The members of the Research, Innovation and Transfer Committee are appointed by the Office of the Vice Rector for Research, Transfer and Entrepreneurship



Vice Rector for Research, Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship: Xavier Vilajosana


Deputy General Manager for Research and Transfer: Ciro Llueca 

Directors, Deputy directors Centers/Studies

  • Scientific Coordinator of the E-learning Research programme: Albert Sangrà
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: Carme Carrión
  • Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences: Daniel Aranda
  • Director of the Doctoral School: David Masip
  • Director of the IN3: David Megías
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Elisenda Ardèvol
  • Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications: Ferran Adelantado
  • Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences: Joan C. Medina
  • Faculty of Economics and Business: Julie Wilson
  • Director of the eHC: Marta Aymerich
  • Faculty of Law and Political Science: Miquel Peguera 


Director of the R&I department: Mireia Riera


  • Producing, coordinating and evaluating the university's research and knowledge transfer policies, strategies and action plans, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Executive Board;
  • Defining, coordinating and evaluating the academic structures for research and knowledge transfer;
  • Designing, awarding and evaluating UOC grants for research and knowledge transfer;
  • Coordinating the drive to gain more external funding for research and knowledge transfer;
  • Defining and monitoring the indicators and evidence required to make decisions, and the dissemination of the UOC's research and knowledge transfer activities;
  • Promoting a research culture that prioritizes open science and societal impact;
  • Providing leadership for the ethics and integrity of the research and knowledge transfer developed by the UOC community.