Scientific Publications Subcommittee

The mission of the Scientistic Publications Subcommittee chaired by the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research is to ensure continuous improvement of the quality of the UOC’s academic journals. The Subcommittee is responsible for establishing editorial policy for the periodical academic publications, both those that are scientific in nature and those that have a generalist scope, assessing proposals for new publications, and annually monitoring the planning, prospects and results obtained.


The Scientistic Publications Subcommittee has a chair, a secretary and the members of the board are:

  • Marta Aymerich Martínez, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Research, and chair
  • Mireia Riera Duran, Director of the Research and Transfer Support Office (OSRT)
  • Lluís Pastor Pérez, Director of the eLearn Center
  • David Megías Jiménez, Director of the N3
  • David Masip Rodó, Director of the PhD School
  • Lluís Rius Alcaraz, Director of Communications
  • Ciro Llueca Fonollosa, Director of Library and Learning Resources
  • Alexandre López Borrull, lecturer in the Faculty ofInformation and Communication Sciences
  • Guillem Garcia Brustenga, eLearn Center
  • Nadja Gmelch, Globalization and Cooperation
  • Josep Grau Valldosera, Strategic Planning Area