Mission, vision and values


The UOC is a global university and a digital native. Its mission and public duty is to provide people with lifelong learning, and as a part of this, it generates knowledge in the intersection between technology and the social and human sciences.


The UOC’s vision of the future is shaped by its ambition to transform higher education in the digital era. This is rooted in its firm belief that universities must attain more strategic responsibility and achieve greater social impact by acting as hubs that share knowledge throughout society.


The five values that guide the UOC’s activities are:


Commitment Commitment: to our students, our graduates and society, to high quality service, and to innovation as a mainstay of our organization.
Respect: for people, ideas, cultures and the world. 
Transparency: in information, data and processes.
Professionalism Professionalism: empowering people in our organization, acknowledging successes and learning from mistakes. 
Sustainability Sustainability: ensuring the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our organization’s activities.